Use Cases

Proovl’s powerful SMS platform can be used to create unique and easy-to-use solutions and applications in various areas of both personal and business usage. In any use case, Proovl makes communication personalized, fast and dedicated.

Global usage

Roaming charges can limit available options for cost-effective and effortless SMS communication. To avoid the hurdles just obtain an SMS number for your overseas trips to keep texting with your friends and colleagues. While we are living in the world of 6.8 billion active mobile subscriptions worldwide - SMS may be the only universal way to communicate electronically within such a global reach.

Phone number masking

Keep your SMS communication discreet and secured without giving out your personal phone number. For dating or business matters: texting works flawlessly with conversation mode enabled and handy phone book feature. You can effortlessly send SMS en masse to your contacts in the phone book and forward incoming SMS to your designated e-mail address or another phone number for additional convenience.

Appointments Management

Arrange appointments just by sending SMS to the dedicated number with the desired time and date. The system application will process the request immediately and send back an SMS with the confirmation if the time slot is available. If the requested time is unavailable, the system will generate an SMS with the proposal of the closest available time slots. Eventually, a person can select the most suitable time and confirm it by SMS finalizing the process. All of that is being done without holding long telephone conversations or using elaborate websites or applications.

Customer Engagement

SMS can be used for checking the remaining balance of customer accounts quickly, be it airline loyalty card or fuel credit card. It is enough just to send an SMS with a customer number to almost instantly receive back a system generated SMS with a remaining balance. It comes very handily, when a customer does not want to spend extra time and effort to look for this information over Internet. Similar service, but with additional security features can be employed by banks to inform their customers about checking account balances on the go.

Reminders and Status Alerts

Introducing SMS reminders and alerts can be very beneficial in many different areas. Imagine how public services could be more efficient, and user-friendly if customer are quickly informed about the status of the paperwork process, or expiration of issued IDs. Delivery services are nowadays unimaginable without tracking and status alerts. Customers can be informed automatically and quickly via SMS at any pre-set time or trigger event so that they can act proactively. Inform customers about delivery attempt 30 minutes before the actual delivery. Remind customers of important actions they must undertake to complete certain processes.


There is limitless advertising potential through engaging your audience via SMS. Personalized offers and promotions, discount coupons, product information – all can be delivered straight to potential customer’s phone automatically by SMS in response to customer’s text sent to dedicated SMS number of an advertiser.

Customer Service

Why not to allow hotel visitors to check-in, check-out and unlock hotel room doors via SMS instead of giving out magnetic stripe cards or keys? Or maybe renting a car without having the key, but locking and unlocking doors via SMS? Fully automated customer service without any human interaction is now easy and low-cost. Let the application interact with the customer via SMS and send machine-to-machine commands to allow real life services to customers.


Additional authentication factor by SMS can enhance security of any application you build. Automatically generated, temporary passwords can be sent to user’s cell phones via SMS. Alternatively, you can let application users to send own generated passwords via SMS to the dedicated number so that an application can verify both: password and phone number match within the system.

Research and Surveys

Interacting and gathering feedback from participants in a structured and engaging way via SMS can be easily achieved thanks to powerful 2-way SMS platform and its unlimited integration potential with CRMs of participants, customers or patients. Imagine an SMS treatment plan. Patient can send the feedback regarding his or hers health condition by SMS to the doctor’s application. The personalized treatment plan in the doctor’s application can automatically send patient advice by SMS in accordance with patient’s feedback. All of that in operation 24/7.


Imagine shopping experience much more engaging and fun if stores could offer customers to earn their discounts instantly by completing certain tasks while they shop, thus providing retail stores with the desired customer behavior. Everybody entering the store can participate right away by sending an SMS with “join” keyword to receive the first task. There is no registration process, app downloads or Internet connected smartphone needed. The final discount will depend on the amount of tasks completed by the customer in the store. Those tasks, in the instance, might include visiting certain shop areas with the newest merchandise or participating in on-site product demonstrations. When a task is completed, a customer can receive a certain keyword or code that he or she has to send via SMS. Each sent SMS with such keyword or code gains him points that unlock higher level of discount coupon that could be used immediately at the checkout. With each sent SMS, a customer will receive an SMS with next task to complete making the experience fully 2-way and interactive.